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About this blog.

Friday, August 13, 2010


As I have mentioned in previous blog spots, I'm planning to begin studying the path in Freemasonry the will ultimately lead to being admitted into the Masonic order known as the Knights Templar. My father was a Knights Templar and I wish to forge a bond with him through undertaking this path. Dad passed away last year, yet he has visited me in my dreams a number of times; some of the dreams have included direct references to our mutual connection to Freemasonry. Whatever your belief might be regarding the efficacy of dreams, I deeply miss my father (it hasn't been a year since his passing) and when he shows up in my nighttime dramas, I'm exceedingly grateful.

Although this blog is concerned with the Civil War and the synch
ronicities that I have experienced in my interaction with the Civil War, my very recent synchronicity has to do with the Knights Templar and it is so totally mind boggling, it behooves me to record it here. Not that there isn't a history of the Knights Templar and the Civil War. A quick Google search revealed a couple famous names connected to the War Between the States and the Templar order of Freemasonry. A quick perusal revealed that Andrew Johnson, James A. Garfield, William McKinley and Winfield Scott Hancock were all members of the "chivalric" order within the Masonic brotherhood.

Perhaps it would be a worthy endeavor to pursue the thesis further to learn more about Templarism during the Civil War. Yet, I wish to do
cument my Templar synchronicity, which seems to coincide with my recent reading, dreaming, and visiting of one of the Civil War's most Templar-like warriors, which is of course, John Singleton Mosby. Though I haven't discovered a connection between Mosby and the Freemasons, his band of intrepid warriors gained the same reputation of near invincibility with which the Knights Templar have been mythologized and romanticized.

A couple days ago, I noticed my odometer was displaying the digits in a odd manner, which it does from time to time. I think it has more to do with how certain numeral combinations take up space more than any "celestial" or paranormal explanation. For instance, my odometer recently clicked over to 130,000 miles. As the numbers progressed, sometimes they would appear with extra spaces between digits such as 13 00 11 or 13 10 11. Again, I believe it's just a matter that certain number combinations use the given space in this "extra space" fashion. No magic here in other words.

Yet, the other day, the unusual display immediately caught my eye with the following read out:

The number 13 10 13 is significant, for it hints toward a most propitious date in Knights Templar history. As I mentioned in a previous blog spot, the original Knights Templar was a monastic fighting order during the times of the Crusades. The Order was overthrown by a jealous French King and conspiring Pope. To read more about this particular episode in history, click on the following link, which give a concise overview of these dynamic warrior-knights:


I also mentioned that the modern-day Masonic order of Knights Templar is not a direct descendant of the original Templars, but rather pays homage to those famous Knights by adopting some of the beliefs that are associated with the original monastic fraternity. Ideals of truth, honor, bravery, brotherhood and patriotism are the values that the Masonic order of the Knights Templar have infused into its present-day program. Like Freemasonry's overriding goal of making an individual "better," pursuing the Knights Templar path in Fre
emasonry is an extension of the goal of enlightenment though improving ones self.

So what does 13 10 13 have to do with the Knights Templar? Again, it's largely subjective on my part, yet I believe I have a good case of an enigmatic synchronicity. If you've looked over the article about the Knights Templar via the link above then you will discover that they were once the most powerful Knights Order in Europe and had amassed a fortune through a sophisticated banking empire. An
d then it all ended--literally overnight. A unscrupulous King and compliant Pope literally snuffed out the Knights Templar.

The date was October 13, 1307 when the King of France ordered the arrest of all Templars. Their great wealth was what he was ultimately after, which he attempted to procure. Yet, his machinations led to a violent end, which was prophesied by one of the great Templar leaders, Jacques de Molay, the last Grand
Master of the Knights Templar.

After years in prison and repeatedly humiliated and tortured, de Molay was eventually led to the gallows, and in this case, tied to a stake to be burned to death. As the flames enveloped the vanquished leader, he reprimanded both King and Pope for their nefarious actions and proclaimed what lay in store f
or them: a hideously violent end for the both--and to occur in the near future, is what he predicted before succumbing to the conflagration . Within one year both died exceedingly painful deaths, the King after a hunting accident and the Pope after a protracted illness.

To me, 13 10 13 represents the date that the Templars were rounded up and subsequently destroyed. To many Freemasons, it is a day for remembrance, to honor those noble warriors who were falsely accused by a rapa
cious noble and corrupt holy man. In honor of Jacques de Molay, Freemasonry has bestowed on the junior Masonic order where teens can first experience the teaching of Freemasonry, the name "de Molay." Others know of the infamy of that date through the long held superstition of "Friday the 13th," for it was in October, Friday the 13th that Templars were arrested and ultimately eliminated.

What's intriguing about this entire account is that while my odometer was clicking over to the prophetic 13 10 13, I held in my hand the petitio
n to apply for admittance into the realm of Freemasonry that will ultimately lead me down the path to become a Masonic Knights Templar.

What's doubly intriguing is that I later discovered that two days from my initial application into the "chivalric" arm of Masonry, the date would ring profoundly both for myself and for the memory of the Knights Temlpar as this Friday is also the 13th. Tomorrow I begin the path that will lead to my entry into the Masonic Knights Templar. I am both excited and eager to begin what is consid
ered the most mystical path in Freemasonry.

I thoroughly believe I'm on the right track, because if the numbers are correct, then I believe I'm in store for one of the biggest adventures of my life. And if to further reiterate that I am indeed on my way, this morning, before pulling out of the driveway, my odometer did that crazy space thing again and presented me with much to think about between and now and tomorrow.

As I went to back out into the roadway, I stared in disbelief--albeit employing a little extrapolating--at
the following numbers posted on my odometer, spread in the following manner: 13 10 70. It doesn't take too much imagination and a little transposing to decipher October 13, 1307 or 10 13 07.

When you add the fact the my third initiation into Masonry, also known as being "raised," was on October 13, then things begin to look interesting, to say the least!